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Tuha'a Pae IV: A South Sea Adventure

Would you like to discover the Austral Islands archipelago by sea? Then come aboard the Tuhaa Pae IV for a no-frills cruise on a dependable and comfortable new mixed (freight and passengers) cargo ship. Watch cargo being loaded and unloaded for distant islands where the Tuhaa Pae IV is regarded as a true lifeline. The ship carries supplies and equipment and offers the locals a way to ship their copra and crops back to the main island.

The islands of Tubuai, Rurutu, Rimatara and Raivavae are a few days' sail from Pape'ete. Three to four sailings a month are scheduled from Pape'ete. You can get off and spend a day on one of the islands or even a week as you wait for the ship to call at the port again.

For adventurers, there is a sailing once every two months to far-away Rapa, our southernmost island, where their islanders' communal way of living has been preserved.

The Tuhaa Pae has a passenger capacity of 100 and offers cabin accommodations (9 quadruple occupancy cabins, 3 double occupancy cabins and 1 all-comfort suite) or on-deck seating (44 reclining seats/berths with shared bathroom facilities).

On-board amenities: restaurant, cafeteria, pool, shop, satellite TV and Internet in the cabins.

Motu Uta, Fare Ute, Papeete
Director of Operations: M. Georges DI MERCURIO
Post Office Box 1890 - 98713 Papeete - Tahiti
Phone: (689) 41.36.06 / Fax: (689) 43.15.88

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