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Getting to Tahiti

What is the cost of living in French Polynesia?

The following list shows the approximate prices of certain commonly bought items (subject to variation):

  • Loaf of bread: 53 F.CFP
  • Water (1.5l): 300 F.CFP
  • Dish of the day in a snack bar from 900 F.CFP
  • Dish of the day in a restaurant from 1 500 F.CFP
  • Can of fruit juice, soda: 250 F.CFP
  • Fresh fruit juice from 500 F.CFP
  • Sandwich from 150 F.CFP
  • Coffee in a bar from 250 F.CFP
  • Pastry: 150 F.CFP
  • A kilo of carrots: approximately 200 F.CFP
  • A kilo of bananas: approximately 220 F.CFP
  • A kilo of fresh white tuna from 1 000 F.CFP
  • A kilo of fresh red tuna from 1 400 F.CFP
  • A pack of 4 pineapples: 700 F.CFP
  • A local bottled beer (shop): 200 F.CFP

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