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Visitors can choose their holiday from a buffet of high island or atoll destinations. And on virtually all the islands there is the widest possible range of tourist accommodation, from campgrounds and backpacker lodges, to modestly-priced pensions (small family hotels, pronounced pohn-see-on) and self-catering cottages, to deluxe hotels complete with over-water bungalows.

Most resorts and hotels offer ‘Island Nights’, where traditionally prepared Polynesian foods such as raw fish and wild pork are served, followed by exhibitions of zestful Tahitian dancing and drumming – a cultural experience not to be missed. Outside the resorts on the outer islands there are charming villages to be explored, such as Paopao on Moorea, Fare on Huahine, Uturoa on Raiatea and Vaitape on Bora Bora. These sleepy little settlements all have their own alimentation (grocery) patisserie (baker), cafes and restaurants for visitors to sample at their leisure.

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