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Heiva va'a

Programme des courses du Heiva va'a 2014


Va’a races are amongst the most intense moments of the July festivities: the spectacular sport gathers nearly a thousand participants, men and women, cadets, juniors and seniors, who first need to go through an event that tests their endurance. From V1 to V16, paddlers will have to travel a distance between2600 m and up to24 km for the longest race.

Between the outrigger’s weight – that could reach up to 200 kg – and the seas swelling force and currents’ direction compared to the wind, the parameters to be carefully taken into consideration are numerous in order to reach the goal. If power and endurance are some of the prime traits of paddlers, observation is just as essential to decide the best route. Once all these hours of races elapsed, what mostly remain are the lightness of the teams dashing through the water, the beauty of the sport and the joy of having finally made it.


Races in the lagoon: va’a Roto

Friday 1 July – 6:30 am (1st race is set to start at 8 am): V3 and V6 men and women, departing from Tehoro - Mataiea

Saturday 02 July – 6:30 am (1st race is set to start at 8 am): V1 and V16 men and women, departing from Tehoro - Mataiea


High Seas races (Taaone – Mahina – Muriavai - Taaone): va’a Tua

Thursday 07 July: va’a weighing from 8 am to 2 pm – Pirae post office complex

Friday 08 July – 7:30 am (1st race is set to start at 9 am): Vahine & Taurea


Saturday 09 July 2016 – tour of Moorea (Taaone – Temae - Tour of Moorea - Taaone) : va’a Tua

The race starts at 8 am: Senior men and male Veterans


Thursday 14 July 2016 - Super Tauati Memorial « Edouard Maamaatuaiahutapu » - V16 – Men and women, minimes and benjamins - departing from Tehoro - Mataiea

The race is set to start at 12 pm for all minimes (13-14yrs old) and benjamins (11-12 yrs old)

The race is set to start at 1 pm for women

The race is set to start at 2 pm for men


Heiva va’a from 1 to 14 July 2016

Free access to all races

Information +689 40 45 05 44 / /



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